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Tumbler Tool

Tumbler Tool - PINK

Tumbler Tool - PINK

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The TUMBLER TOOL™ is the World's Best Tumbler Wrapping tool and NOW comes in PINK!

What makes our Tumbler Wrapping tool better than the competition?

- SINGLE pinch gives even pressure the entire length of the tumbler

- You don't need to move our tool up and down the tumbler resulting in different tightness

- You don't need 4 hands to use the Tumbler Tool™

No more bad seams or white spots from gaps in the paper!

You can wrap a variety of sizes with the Tumbler Tool™:
- 16oz Glass Tumblers
- 18oz Glass Tumblers
- 20oz Skinny Tumblers
- 25oz Skinny Tumblers
- 30oz Skinny Tumblers
(Tumbler Circumference Range: 9.25" - 9.875")


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